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Microscopic Features:
  • Slightly (1.5x) larger than a mature RBC
  • High nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio but with
  • Round mature Nucleus (clumped chromatin)
  • Nucleoli are absent
  • Cytoplasm is scant, light blue and lacks granules
Normal % blood-PB, marrow-BM, lymphoid tissue-LN:
  • PB: Many (second most common WBC component of blood)
  • BM: Scattered
  • LN: B-cells mainly in follicular areas and T-cells mainly in Interfollicular areas
May Resemble: Differential Diagnoses:

Increased number of normal (non-neoplastic) lymphocytes may be associated with:
Infection (Viral, fungal, and some bacterial)
Autoimmune disorders

Classic Immunophenotype:
  • N/A
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  • Normal lymphocytes are the second most common WBCs in the blood (after neutrophils)

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