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Thymus Lymph Node Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Spleen Peripheral Blood/Red Blood Cells Peripheral Blood/Neutrophils Peripheral Blood/Lymphocytes Peripheral Blood/Monocytes Peripheral Blood/Eosinophils/Basophils Peripheral Blood/Platelets Bone Marrow/Erythroid Bone Marrow/Granulocytes and Precursors Bone Marrow/Monocytes and Precursors Bone Marrow/Megakaryocytes and Precursors Bone Marrow/Lymphoid/T-cells Bone Marrow/Lymphoid/NK Cells Bone Marrow/Granulocytes/Neutrophilic Bone Marrow/Granulocytes/Eosinophilic Bone Marrow/Granulocytes/Basophilic Bone Marrow/Lymphoid/B-cells Bone Marrow/Lymphoid/Plasma Cells
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Bone Marrow: Eosinophilic

Bone Marrow: Basophilic

Bone Marrow: Monocytes and Precursors

Bone Marrow: NK Cells

Lymph Node

Peripheral Blood: Eosinophils and Basophils

Peripheral Blood: Monocytes

Peripheral Blood: Lymphocytes

Peripheral Blood: Platelets

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