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Eosinophil (Precursor)*

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Microscopic Features:
  • 2-3x larger than a mature RBC
  • Low nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio (more cytoplasm than nucleus)
  • Nucleus is slightly less mature and usually with 1 lobe
  • Nucleoli may be present depending on stage of maturation
  • Secondary (specific) granules are Eosinophilic (red-orange) in Myelocyte to mature eosinophil stage
Normal % blood-PB, marrow-BM, lymphoid tissue-LN:
  • PB: None
  • BM: Rare scattered (~1-2%)
  • LN: None
May Resemble: Differential Diagnoses:

Increased in:
Myeloproliferative neoplasms (some)
Allergy-related (e.g. Asthma): In bone marrow
Drug reactions: In bone marrow
Invasive parasitic infections: In bone marrow
AML (rare variants)

Classic Immunophenotype:
  • N/A
Cartoon Image:

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  • Hypolobation is due to its immaturity.

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